"Organised people are just too lazy to go looking for what they want" Albert Einstein


Who needs a professional organiser?

We all need help from time to time, and there's no need to deny it! I have helped busy mums, retired professionals, pregnant women, clients unfortunate enough to have lost loved ones or suffering from conditions that makes lifting and moving difficult. I have even helped an Olympic medallist!

What areas do you cover?

I happily cover most areas, but if you are too far away, I will have to charge you a little extra to cover the extra diesel cost - see more details under the Pricing tab.

How much do you charge?

Many professional organisers charge up to £50 per hour, some even more. My fees are set at a very reasonable and affordable £30 per hour. See the Services tab for what is included.

I'm apprehensive about having a stranger in my house... and scared you will force me to get rid of all my things!

I totally understand! But trust me, I will make you feel at ease and in control. YOU are in charge of what goes & what stays! However, I will ask encouraging questions, such as "Do you really need 3 toasters?" and "How many pairs of black trousers do you realistically need?"

I have a hoarding problem. Can you help?

Hoarding is when clutter gets out of control and the person has difficulties letting go of his or her possessions. As “hoarders” may need specialised care and support to overcome this debilitating problem, I do not currently offer my services to hoarders. Please check out www.helpforhoarders.co.uk for useful information about hoarding, including a list of professional organisers who work with hoarders.