About the Decluttering Process

Most people feel quite apprehensive about decluttering so I always try to be gentle when working with a new client. I will never suggest that you throw anything away unless you specifically ask for my opinion. I know that it can be very hard for some people to let go of their belongings.

I generally find that once we begin the decluttering process you will pick up momentum and it can get easier and easier, and at the end it can feel extremely liberating. I aim to put a sense of fun into decluttering and most people find that I am very enjoyable to work with.

I will help you to sort through some or all of the following items: clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, kitchenware, stationery, linen, toiletries, health products, children’s toys, gadgets, tools, electrical equipment and cables, haberdashery, old photographs, and any unwanted items that are taking up valuable space in your home.

We’ll work together to find and create suitable storage places for your belongings, and if we find items that you no longer need or cannot be used any more, I can arrange for them to be recycled or given away to charity.

You will need to be at your home with me for some of the time so that we can go through things together. We can also agree a schedule of work that will keep me busy for several hours and I can then get on with this on my own.

I will reiterate that my approach is not just about clearing your home out and throwing things away. You will find that an amazing amount of space-saving and organisation can be achieved by tidying, folding, stacking, storing, labelling and putting things in their proper place. It’s completely up to you to decide how much clearing out you want me to do, and I always discuss this during our time together.

And lastly, please don’t worry if your house is in a mess, the more cluttered and chaotic it is, the more enjoyable it is for me to help you sort it out!