"For every minute spent organizing, as hour is earned" Benjamin Franklin

“Organisation is a lot more than just decluttering, but also making the best use of the space you have. Victoria came in to help really set my husband and I up for success in our kitchen by helping us create an easy to use system and to just be able to easily find everything we need. We can finally stop overbuying groceries and can easily find everything we need when we need it. ”

Mrs K, Godalming

Who doesn't love a before and after picture?!? Not all are picture perfect or Instagram worthy, but as long as the results work for my clients, that's what counts!  

I always ask my clients' permission before taking and sharing any photos of their homes.

Before and After photos of some of my work

Which transformation is your favourite?

A valuable hallway cupboard...

... full of stuff that didn't belong!

Giving room to double-buggy & baby car seat, leaving hallway clear!

"With a 17 month old and 11 week old I literally had no spare time or hands to declutter and reorganise what became a very messy home. Victoria came in and literally fixed it all for me. This included my kitchen cupboards, a large storage cupboard, kids wardrobes and toys and mine and my husbands bedroom. I cannot not put into words how grateful I am for all the hard work Victoria put in to sorting out my home. With my 2 small kids constantly needing me, Victoria really worked so well In just getting it all done without much of my involvement. She has been so patient, proficient and soo lovely with my children that my daughter even ended up addressing her as mama by the end of it! After all of Victoria’s excellent work, I have a super clutter free home that is extremely organised and so much more storage space that I never knew I had. Since Victoria’s first visit I have been singing her praises to everyone I know and would not hesitate to contact her again in the future. Thank you so much Victoria for all the hard work, being so lovely to my children and for the company."

Mrs H, Slough