"Organising is a journey, not a destination"

My services

Personal Organisation Services

I provide decluttering, re-organising and tidying of any spaces and rooms within your home – I can help you to sort through some or all of the following items: clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, kitchenware, stationery, linen, toiletries, health products, children’s toys, gadgets, tools, electrical equipment and cables, haberdashery, old photographs etc. Basically, anything you own within your house & garden! 

Special decluttering occasions

There are times when my services can come extra handy! 

Before and / or after a house move - especially if you are downsizing! Or after a bereavement, when it may be sensible to have someone not emotionally attached to the belongings which need sorting and removing.   

Waste removal / charity shop drops

I will happily take any unwanted items to the recycling centre or a charity shop at no extra cost. However, only one car load is included and only items that can be recycled without a charge. Any more than that can be arranged for an extra fee, if needed. If you have lots of items to dispose of, I can help you arrange a skip.

Selling unwanted items

I can also list unwanted items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace on your behalf. I will give you the full selling price less any listing & postage fees, but I will need to charge you my usual hourly rate (£30). 

“Handy-woman” Services

Although the personal organisation services are my main focus, I offer complementary services such as assembling new storage solutions (e.g. IKEA furniture), putting up shelves and re-painting a cleared-out room. Just tell me what you want doing & I will let you know if I can help.

Other staff

I have a small team available to assist me if you need fast results or have a particularly big project in mind. Please contact me for details.

Bags, boxes, parcel tape, labels etc.

I usually bring a ‘decluttering kit’ with me which includes bin bags, labels, cardboard boxes, parcel tape etc. I won’t charge you for any small items of my kit that I use.

Lunch & breaks

If I am working over lunch, I will bring my own meal. I typically do not take any breaks during sessions lasting up to 4 hours.


I love before-and-after photographs! I will always ask before taking any photos of your home and I won't be offended if you say 'no'. Please check the Portfolio tab for pictures of some of my recent work.


Ratings and reviews are important to small businesses. I would really appreciate if you provide me with your feedback after our session.


I will provide light cleaning to the areas of your property that I work on.


Please give me as much notice as possible for cancellation or re-scheduling. The deposit of £50 will not be refunded if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24hours notice.


All your personal matters will be kept strictly confidential. If needed I can produce and sign confidentiality agreements. This may be especially important if you want me to organise your paperwork.