Decluttering, Organisation and Home Improvements, in Surrey

  • Decluttering, organising and tidying of your whole home, or any area of your home or property: cupboards, wardrobes, rooms, garage, loft, garden shed, larder etc..
  • Decluttering before and after a move, packing and unpacking your belongings
  • Helping to clear your home or another property after a bereavement
  • House staging – preparing your house to be sold
  • Taking unwanted items to the recycling centre or charity shop
“Most people feel quite apprehensive about decluttering so I practise a more gentle approach which puts you in charge of the whole process. I will never suggest that you throw anything away unless you specifically ask for my opinion. Sometimes it is not even necessary to do a radical decluttering session. It is amazing what can be achieved by finding better use of storage and just plain sorting and tidying.” Click here to read more about the decluttering process and find out how we can work together to organize your belongings and make your home lovely again.